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The Purpose of Life
I wrote The Purpose of Life on March 29th 2020 in New York City, NY, USA. By the time I finished this piece, we were in the middle of a pandemic of COVID-19, a disease caused by the spread of a kind of coronavirus. The disease already killed more than 33500 people worldwide. People all over the world are in quarantine. Although some people believe that the outbreak started in Wuhan, China, at this moment the US is the country with more COVID-19 confirmed cases: more than 142000. New York City is considered the “new” epicenter of the disease: more than 33400 confirmed cases and more than 770 deaths. I have been in quarantine for 2 weeks already. The government advised the population to remain home for the foreseeable future.
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Eternal Spirit Free Us
I composed Eternal Spirit, Free Us in West New York, NJ in November of 2017. This piece was commissioned by the Choir of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in New York City. It was premiered in January 24th of 2018 by the soloists of St. Michael’s during the Compline service that takes place every Wednesday evenings during the liturgical year. This piece is based on the Lord's Prayer text from the New Zealand Book of Common Prayer.
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Ocean of Illusions
I composed Ocean of Illusions in West New York, NJ in 2017. This piece is based on a feeling of being alone in the middle of a crowd. Also, reflects a moment in which someone may feel trapped in a situation and see themselves compelled to do something that they do not want to do. There is definitely a feeling of “wasting your life” into the whole piece.
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Nunc Dimittis
Nunc Dimittis (Now you dismiss) was composed in New York City in 2014, and was officially premiered in October 15th 2014 at Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church in New York City, USA. This piece has a public domain text from the Bible - Luke 2: 29-32 – King James Version (KJV). This text is the traditional 'Gospel Canticle' of Night Prayer, widely used at the end of liturgical services such as Compline. The harmonies are trying to express the meaning of all the words in the text.
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Pain is a Virtue
We love pain. We love being in it. We even consider pain a virtue. When a woman cries the most at a funeral, She must be the best living soul. And even if those tears are fake and pitiful We prefer to believe in her show. We promise to never forget each other, But for now, so brief are our lives. We promise to feel the sting of loss, forever. But forever is just a blink of your eyes. You should move past your pain, If you say “forever”, don’t mean it with devotion You should heal, move on, be sane. Because pain is no more than a useless emotion. We love pain. We love being in it. We even consider pain a virtue. Pain is my Virtue.
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Love is like Art
I composed Love is like Art in West New York, NJ in March of 2018. This piece is inspired by some quotes about “Love” that were taken from the American TV show “Sense8”. The first season was streamed for the first time on Netflix on June 5th 2015.
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Someone Who Dreams
Someone who dreams Sometimes I dream of saving the world. Saving everyone from the invisible hand The hand that brands us with an employee badge The hand that forces us to work for them The hand that claps While we are on-stage The hand that feeds us While we are in a cage The hand that controls us every day Without us knowing it. But I am not that special And I can’t stop it I am just this voice that sings I am just someone who dreams
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I composed Magnificat in West New York, NJ in June of 2019. This piece was commissioned by the Choir of St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in New York City.
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O Nata Lux
I composed O Nata Lux in New York City, NY on February of 2020. This setting features the Latin words found on the sacred text “O Nata Lux”.
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