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“Bubbles” was composed in New York City in 2014. The text is an attempt to compare life with a bubble. A bubble has a brief life, and during its journey can meet other bubbles, can be taken anywhere by the wind, can hover high or low, fast or slow, and all of a sudden can simply “die”. So as our lives. The message is to live your life now, because it is short. The texture is varied with distinct moments of vocal representations of bubbles, male and female choirs, double mixed choir, improvisation based on real bubbles and changes on keys, dynamics, rhythms, and tempos. The piece can also be performed without the improvisation part. Note to performers This work requires the production of bubbles at two points: between letters F and G and again at the end of the work. To produce bubbles, one may use a bubble machine, a children's toy, or anything capable of producing many bubbles quickly. In the score, directions to make bubbles are indicated with an arrow. Anyone may create these bubbles: the conductor, singers, and/or members of the audience - one person or many.

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